Yasmin Kearse 

As one of the world’s most renowned inspirational and motivational speakers, Yasmin Kearse has a unique way of captivating the attention of an audience in any setting. Whether speaking to an audience of one, ten or ten thousand, the voice of Yasmin Kearse has a way of bringing about life changing results. Yasmin’s dynamic personality, enthusiasm for life and contagious laugher is said to be both infectious and life changing.
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Yasmin’s Event Resume

Face to Face Couples Seminar

  • Couples learned proper techniques for communicating even when words go unspoken because sometimes it’s not what one says with their mouth but it’s what they demonstrate through body language.

 Now We Build: Gods Blueprint to a Healthy Marriage Conference

  • What happens when the two becomes one? Knowing what it takes to make a marriage last and understanding the importance of selfless love when building a foundation that won’t crumble under pressure.

 Zions bridge International Marriage Conference “Restoring the Love”

  • When it comes to Sex, Romance, and Intimacy, all are needed. The difference is in knowing when.  Understanding what it takes to satisfy the one I’m with.

EnLife Presents Radical Relationships for Single, Dating, Engaged, Married or It’s Complicated

  • Helping individuals to understand that no matter what one’s status is, there is consequences to every decision made, whether you make them alone or together.

Marriage: A Sweet, Permanent Complication

  • When two flawed individuals come together, then what. Sometimes it’s not what you said, it’s how I heard what you said that complicates the relationship. Learning to resolve conflicts without being confrontational.
  • Greenville County School Systems

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