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The C.U.R.E Mentoring program is designed to embrace clients from the beginning to end with Compassionate, Understanding, Relentless, Empathy while providing guidance through positive reinforcement.   

We partner with clients to provide accountability and emotional support based on the needs communicated in verbal and written communication as well as non-verbal cues.  

This program is tailored to the needs of each client in order to help

  • Identify and confront damaged emotions & self-sabotaging behavior patterns
  • Recognize emotional triggers
  • Confront underlying anger and techniques for anger management
  • Personal Development & Confidence skill building

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The Best Experience Ever

In addition to going through Pre Marital Counseling with Yasmin, my daughter Brandy and I were able to reach out to her on another level through her Mo2vate Me Mentoring Program. Yasmin was, (and still is) a mentor to us both. Yasmin saw that we were broken inside from past life issues and helped us get past our damaged emotions.

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It is with distinct pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Yasmin Kearse. I have known Yasmin approximately ten years and I am most impressed by her sincere compassion to help others. Yasmin demonstrates an innate desire to achieve success as evidenced by her spirit of excellence and being self-motivated.
As a psychologist, I am constantly faced with the exciting task of aiding patients with realizing their full potential. Without question, I am elated about Yasmin Kearse’s aspirations as a Mentor and Relationship Coach. Yasmin Kearse will be an excellent benefit to others as she is determined, conscientious and empathetic to their needs.
Yasmin Kearse is well liked, approachable and has a synergistic energy that becomes infectious in social settings. I give Yasmin my highest recommendation as I am confident that she will be a great resource to those in need.

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Dale L. Sanders, Psy.D.
Licensed Psychologist

When I met Mrs. Yasmin, I was broken inside, had very low self-esteem and desperately needed the help of someone who would love me as I processed my damaged emotions.
I realized that sometimes you need other women mentors besides mom to plant seeds in your life and help you grow and develop mentally as a woman.
Mrs. Yasmin helped build my self-esteem and confidence. She plays a big role in the confident, strong young woman I am becoming and the role model that I have become. I am still a work in progress but I love the fact that I can call on Mrs. Yasmin any day and time when I need to talk to or hear from her. She is a positive influence in my life and the best mentor.

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Yasmin Kearse’s counseling and mentoring has literally, saved my marriage and more importantly, my life. The wisdom and love God has allowed her to have and give to others is absolutely a blessing. I am so glad God saw fit for our paths to cross and He allowed me to know her. And for that, I am forever grateful to her for the outpouring of love, wisdom and compassion to my husband and I. We are better, stronger, and happy. Thank you, thank you, Thank you.

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My wife and I sought premarital counseling from Yasmin Kearse, and it was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. We were both emerging from brokenness, and we wanted to be sure to put God at the center of all our decisions going forward. Yasmin was able to offer us sound guidance based on the Word of God, and she showed us love instead of judging us for our past shortcomings.
We’d like to thank Yasmin for using the gifts God has given her to bless our family, and we highly recommend her to anyone seeking counseling based on God’s truth.

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Mr. & Mrs. Johnson

Marriage counseling with Yasmin laid the foundation for our marriage. We would look forward to our counseling session because she was transparent with her experience but also backed it up with the word of God. Prayer, communication and our love for each other has kept us happily married for almost 9 years.
I highly recommend anyone that is getting married or need relationship counseling to reach out to her.

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Mrs. Payton

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